At Go Ride we care about you & the trust you give us


Go Ride puts transportation at your fingertips. Understanding how and why we use your information should be just as easy. Our Privacy Policy and Privacy FAQs provide the latest information about the data we collect and how we use it. We also want you to know a few more things about our approach to privacy:

Your data works for you

We use your data to provide convenient transportation and delivery options, to help drivers maximize their earnings, and to protect the safety and security of our users. And we don’t rent or sell your data -- to anyone.

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Safety first

Your data enables us to determine the safest pick-ups and drop-offs, deter unsafe driving habits, help you avoid accident-prone roads, and to develop new features to get where you’re going, safe and sound.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information refer to Privacy Policy Page

What information does Go Ride collect?

Go Ride collects information to help make your Go Ride experience not only possible, but great—whether that’s connecting riders and drivers, helping you get where you’re going, improving safety, or keeping you in touch with us and others. This includes information you provide to us, like your account information, and information we collect when you use our services, like your location.

How does Go Ride use my location information?

Go Ride helps you get where you want to go. This means that location information is essential to our services. We use it to help riders and driver-partners find each other, determine the best routes, enable users to track their progress and share ETAs with friends, develop new features and services, enhance safety and security, and for other purposes described in our Privacy Policy.

Does Go Ride share my information with anyone?

Some of Go Ride’s products, services, and features involve sharing information with other users. For example, when you request a ride, the locations of your pickup and dropoff points are shared with a driver-partner. We may also share information at your request, such as when you use a feature like ETA sharing to share your trip status with family and friends. We may also share your information with our affiliates, subsidiaries, and business partners, or for legal reasons or in the event of a dispute.

How does Go Ride protect the information it collects?

We take the security of your data seriously. Go Ride uses technical safeguards like encryption, authentication, fraud detection, and secure software development to protect your information. We also have an extensive team of data security and privacy experts working around the clock to prevent theft, fraud, or abuse of your information.

Does Go Ride rent or sell my information?

No. Go Ride does not rent or sell your personal data to anyone.

How long does Go Ride keep my information?

Go Ride keeps your information as long as you have an Go Ride account. You can request to delete your account or ask us to delete specific information like synced contacts. In some cases, Go Ride may keep some information after you ask us to delete your account, including when we’re required to by law, if there are outstanding issues related to your account (like unused credits), or if it’s necessary for safety and security purposes.

How do I look up or control the information that Go Ride collects about me?

Through our apps and websites, and the device settings on your phone, you can:

  • look up your own rider and driver ratings
  • set or change your privacy settings, including location, address book and calendar information
  • opt-out of receiving promotional communications from Go Ride
  • delete your Go Ride account (although we would be sorry to see you go)
  • You can also contact us through the Help section in our mobile apps and our Privacy Help page if you have additional questions or concerns about the information Go Ride collects about you.

    How do I request a copy of my data?

    You can request a copy of your data here (login required). The process usually takes a couple of days, and you can learn more here about the type of data that is included.

    How do I submit a question to Go Ride’s Data Protection Officer (DPO), and what is their role?

    Go Ride’s DPO is responsible for guiding our compliance with privacy regulation in the EU. They are the point of contact for European privacy regulators and questions and concerns from our users about data privacy.

    you have additional questions about your personal data after reading our FAQ, you may contact our DPO by submitting a request through this form.